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We are a community of makers coming together to help supply our city with emergency PPE.

Great job everyone - we just donated over 2,500 face shields to local healthcare workers!

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One of the best ways to help is by donating to the mission.

“Donate Here” takes you to Red Mountain Makers, our 501c nonprofit leading this effort. Their EIN number is 46-2234591

Just $25 makes 5 face shields!


Are you a company or individual that wants to help make PPE? Know a supplier? Please complete and submit this form if you are able to help with supply chain issues, materials, logistics, production, etc.

My Team Needs PPE

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We are a group of makers with a mission to help supply emergency equipment to our city using our combined talents and resources. More specifically, we are leading and promoting the production of face shields to help meet medical equipment shortfalls in the Birmingham metro area and across Alabama. We are currently distributing to local hospitals, nursing homes, dentists, and more, and we need your support and help wherever possible. 

Current Progress

At this point we have self-organized and started producing and distributing hundreds of face shields to healthcare providers in the Birmingham area. We are signing up both volunteers and organizations needing what can be produced. 

We need people who can help assemble the face shields, supply chain specialists who can help with sourcing, others who can do pick up and deliveries, and others to do the outreach and coordination of this community-based push to give our medical professionals the tools they need to handle this crisis.

Face Shields

Suppliers for face shields are increasingly hard to find during this time. With a unique combination of 3D printing and laser cutting, a nation-wide community effort has launched a new design for medical use. Please read the details here:

I am a maker

There are many people stepping up to help make emergency PPE at this time. There are a number of efforts underway across the US to address this shortfall. We are a part of the local push to get this done. We have delivered many face shields already to local hospitals, and we have been described as “the Santa Claus of PPE.” 

Face shields are currently our main focus as they have been tested across the nation. We are also actively working on other PPE projects such as mask “ear savers.” All of these details are in the document below.

If you have any resources to help make, produce, source materials for, or distribute these face shields, please first sign up to be a maker at the top of this website. Second, please visit our evolving google documentation for how exactly to make a face shield. There are several options including a single-use face shield almost anyone can make, a multi-use face shield you can make with a 3D printer, and ear savers. Click below to find out more!

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and many, many other individuals and organizations that are continuing to join forces

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