Consumer Information

Reviews posted by Buyers

1. Who can leave a review?

Only Buyers who have made an Order on the Platform can leave their review of the delivery and/or the ordered Product(s).

2. What type of review can a Buyer leave?

After each Order on the Platform, the Buyer may leave two types of review:

  • A delivery review : this review is not published on the Platform but will be communicated to the Seller;
  • A Product(s) review : this review is published on the Platform and communicated to the Seller.

2.1 A delivery review

The Buyer may share a review related to their delivery experience:

  • The Buyer may submit an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest) ;
  • The Buyer who has given a score of 3 or less out of 5 may add a comment.

2.2 A Product(s) purchased review

The Buyer may share a review related to the characteristics and use of the Product.

  • The Buyer may submit an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest) ;
  • The Buyer may always accompany their rating with a comment on their appreciation of the Product.
  • For certain categories of Products, the Buyer may give specific ratings for the Product (e.g. battery life, noise, etc.).
  • To illustrate a review of a Product, the Buyer may upload one or more photographs of the Product.

2.3 Special conditions for uploading photographs

The Buyer who uploads one or more photographs on the Platform declares that they are the sole author and holder of the intellectual property rights attached to each photograph. The Buyer guarantees that the photograph does not infringe any intellectual property right or any other right of third parties.

By uploading his/her photograph on the Platform, the Buyer grants Bham Support the right to reproduce, represent, modify, adapt and exploit all or part of the photograph, by any technical and/or digital means known or unknown to date, in any type of format.

As a result of this transfer, Bham Support is in particular authorised to publicly exploit the photograph on the following media platforms:

  • Websites owned by Bham Support (;
  • Bham Support’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network).

This transfer is granted free of charge and non-exclusively, for the entire world and for the entire legal duration of the intellectual property rights as from the uploading of the photograph by the Buyer.

3. How to leave a review?

The Buyer may leave a review by :

  • logging on to their Personal Account and clicking on the “Rate product and delivery” tab.
  • clicking on the link received by email following receipt of their Product.

4. What criteria are used to sort reviews?

Only reviews of the purchased Product(s) are published on the Platform.

Reviews are displayed in chronological order, from the most recent to the least recent.

5. Are users compensated for leaving a review?

Bham Support wants to encourage users to submit reviews on the Products offered on the Platform. Bham Support therefore offers some of its Buyers the benefit of a gift voucher to be redeemed on a future order when they leave a review on the Platform.

The publication of these reviews shall be accompanied by the words “Review obtained in exchange for a promotional offer”.

6. Are reviews of the purchased Product(s) monitored and can they be withdrawn?

Reviews are published directly on the Platform.

Reviews may be withdrawn by Bham Support in the following cases :

  • The review is used for advertising purposes: the review contains, for example, hyperlinks/telephone numbers/email addresses.
  • The content of the review is spam: for example, the content of a review is published several times or with different accounts.
  • The review is off-topic :
    • The Buyer has given a review of another Order or Product.
    • The Buyer has given a review of the delivery instead of the Product.
  • The Buyer’s rating is inconsistent: the number of stars allocated does not match the content of the review.
  • The review contains comments or content of a political, abusive, obscene, offensive, or sexually explicit nature.
  • The review is or may reasonably be considered to be defamatory (allegation or attribution of a fact that affects a person’s character and reputation) or the review can be seen as a personal attack.
  • The content of the review is false.
  • The opinion is misleading if there is a conflict of interest: for example, if a Seller writes a review of themselves or their own products.
  • The content of the review is illegal or refers to this type of content.
  • The content of the review is protected by third-party rights such as copyright, trademark or patent rights or personality rights (image rights).
  • The review was published following an identity theft.
  • The review contains personal data or personal and confidential information (such as: payment card, social security number, etc.).
  • The review encourages hatred, discrimination, homophobia, xenophobia, racism or violence.
  • The photo(s) associated with the review is/are of insufficient quality.

Sellers may contact Bham Support to have a Buyer’s review removed in the cases identified above. Sellers must justify why they want a review to be removed. Bham Support reserves the right to refuse these removal requests.

When a review is removed from the Platform, Bham Support shall notify the Buyer about this removal. Bham Support shall inform Buyers whose review has not been published of the reasons for its rejection.

Bham Support may contact the author of the review at any time.

7. Can Buyers’ reviews be changed?

Buyers may change their reviews in their Personal Account. Buyers must identify the order for which they wish to change their review.

To change the review of a Product, the Buyer must click on the button “Change product rating and/or delivery rating”